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About E-Quran Institute

Thank you for visiting the E-Quran Institute. We appreciate your visit and hope you enjoy exploring all of the materials we’ve provided to help you engage with the Quran on a daily basis. Learning and reciting the Quran is a tremendous effort in and of itself. Especially E Quran Acadamy was formed to assist you on your journey and provide you with online Quran, Arabic, and Islamic Studies lessons.


Qualified Teachers

E Quran Institute have highly qualified Quran teachers. Teachers of are the main component of educational resources.

Suitable Timing

The course schedule is incredibly flexible and students can arrange their classes anyway they like in E Quran Acadamy


Students can take an online class that allows students to assess our services prior to enrolling as full time students in E Quran Institute.

Female Quran Teachers

We are providing female teachers to female students. Our instructors have experience teaching the online Quran lessons.

Admission Are Open Now

3 – 5 Free Trial Classes

Courses We Offers


Teaching Experience

We have years of experience in teaching

Qualified Teachers

Our Teachers are well qualified and experienced

Multi-language Teachers

We have teachers who can teach is different languages

Basics of Islam

We can teach you about the religion islam

100% Result Guarantee

Our teachers will ensure that you can learn properly


We have years of experience in teaching. We are teaching Quran for almost 10 years to the students.
Our teachers are well qualified from the register madarsa.They will help you in learning Quran.
Our teachers can teach you in different languages like English, Arabic, Urdu/Hindi.
You can also choose different courses so that you can learn more about Quran.
Female teachers are available for the female teachers from which you can learn Quran.